Turok 2 Tournaments

I only got stuff of 2 Turok Tournaments..
I think there was another 1on1 Tournament in 2002, or 2on2, and a Big Rok Tournament 2003 where Checka won.. but i dunno, if any1 knows and has info about it, plz tell me, so i can add it here, too...

  • Arena Tournament 2009
  • ROK Tournament 2009
  • ROK Tournament 2000

  • Turok Arena Tournament 2009 back to top
    Turok 2 ARENA Tournament 2009 - Rules (organized by [LdB]SoDoMiZeR)
    Tournament Rules Fight Rules Levels
    1. How does it work?

    2 Players play until one of them has 10 Deaths.
    3 Levels with 10 Frags/Deaths.
    Best 2 of 3 Levels wins!
    Have 1 Observer or more, and take screenshots!

    2. What isn't allowed?

    Cheats and all that shit...
    Server settings:
    LevelSet=Arena Levels
    Weapons=Plasma and Knife.
    Chosen by the two players, and last random.
    The random level will be a different one than the two other levels.

    If you don't know what to do, or when u play or whatever, visit the FORUM!! or write me a email Turok@ansage.net!

  • OKAY, The Tournament CONTINUES!!

  • [LdB] Sodomizer hasn't got any time to play Turok anymore and to continue the Tournament. So far it seems that it's not continue by itself lol. i guess it'll take long time till forever to finish it.
    I'm wondering if even somebody is still interested in getting it finished....? Due to some Turok Inactivity and Cheat trouble these days players are unmotivated anyway i guess.

  • [LdB] Forever replaced [LdB] Badass, cuz Badass has pc problems and thinks it isn't like back in the old days.. Well you're right, but i think it's still fun, cya again someday bro!

    First Round
    Player 1 vs Player 2 Result Level Results
    kBg*SjEmBeK vs [LdB] SoDoMiZeR ? Control, Twongs, Talisman Room
    kBg*Chaser vs [LdB]DarkL.Davis ? The Harbor, Talisman Room, The Cave
    Alusion vs [KOP] Salviman9 ? ?
    kBg*ROWE vs kBg*Basber 0 - 3 3 - 10 Queens, 4 - 10 Control, 6 - 10 The Hive
    - vs - - -
    kBg*Nihilismus vs [LdB] Forever ? Twongs, ?, ?
    =WsC=MPG*DT* vs [KOP]HEXX ? ?, Control, The City
    HeroIn vs kBg*He4DSh0T 0 - 2 6 - 10 Control, 2 - 10 Twongs, Queens
    *BGE Birdskiller vs *BGE Jäger 0 - 2 3 - 10 Mother, 2 - 10 Twongs, The City screen
    - vs - - -
    Gladiator (Zap) vs [KOP] ThePrince ? ?
    kBg*$anta vs [LDB]IceKilla ? ?, Twongs, ?
    {GZ}De@tH Comes vs {GZ} NarCoTic ? ?
    Gollum vs [LDB]Geryson 1 - 2 3 - 10 TheHarbor, 9 - 10 Mother, 10 - 8 Control

    Second Round
    Player 1 vs Player 2 Result Level Results
    ? vs ? ? ?
    ? vs kBg*Basber ? ?
    - vs - - -
    ? vs ? ? ?
    *BGE Jäger vs kBg*He4DSh0T 2 - 1 8 - 10 TheCity, 9 - 4 Twongz, 10 - 6 TheCave, Telefrag LoL
    - vs - - -
    ? vs ? ? ?
    ? vs [LDB]Geryson ? ?
  • Turok Tournament 2009 back to top
    Turok 2 Tournament 2009 - Rules (organized by [KOP] Hexx)
    Tournament Rules Fight Rules Levels
    1. What is allowed?
    Every char
    Every color
    Every weapon you can find on the level
    Char- and colorchanging
    Suiciding every way you want

    2. What isn't allowed?
    Using a cheat module called Trainer
    Using the cameraoffset so you can shot through walls....
    Using lamer tactics
    Staying away from the game for over 5 minutes or constanly staying away for a long time after getting killed.
    - if somebody contravened this rules he loose his game
    - except if he lames and stops it if the observers tell him he's laming, he gets a warning, written in the result post and if he lames in another game he's out of the tournament
    Server settings:
    HostName=Official Tournament 2009 Server
    GameType=Rok Match
    LevelSet=Rok Match Levels

    First Level
    Winner vs Loser Result
    *BGE> Chirac vs DarkBlade-Turok DarkBlade didn't show. Chirac won.
    kBg*Basber vs kBg*He4dSh0T 25 - 19 screen
    ELMATADORE vs Geryson[LdB] fight did not happen?
    [LdB] IceKill@ vs Darkl.Davis[LdB] 25 - 13 screen screen2
    [KOP] Ry vs *BAD*$anta 25 - 14 screen
    [LdB] B@D@SS vs [KOP] Hexx 25 - 23 screen
    *BGE> Birdskiller vs [KOP] Carlos Carlos didn't show. Birdskiller won.
    Cr@sH vs [LdB] ~*D@NTE*~ Dante didn't show. Crash won.

    Second Level
    Winner vs Loser Result
    kBg*Basber vs *BGE> CHirac 25 - 8 screen
    [LdB] IceKill@ vs ELMATADORE 25 - 13 screen
    [KOP] Ry vs [LdB] B@D@SS Badass didn't show. Ry won.
    *BGE> Birdskiller vs Cr@sH 20 - 13 screen
    This match was getting pretty complicated. Crash wanted to play only on LDB Ice's server, but ice was not online, so they played on 3 different servers, and at least Birdskiller won.

    Third Level - Semi Finals
    Winner vs Loser Result
    kBg*Basber vs [LdB] IceKill@ 25 - 13 screen
    [KOP] Ry vs *BGE> Birdskiller 24 - 18 screen
    Fight for Place 3:
    [LdB] IceKill@ vs *BGE> Birdskiller 24 - 22 screen

    Fourth Level - The Finals
    Winner vs Loser Result
    kBg*Basber vs [KOP] Ry 25 - 7 screen

    The Winner Pics (by Davis)

    Turok Tournament 2000 back to top
    Turok 2 Tournament 2000 - Rules
    Tournament Rules Fight Rules Levels
    No cheating
    No camping
    No name-calling and trash talking
    Do not advertise false information about the fights
    You must use your own nick name
    If any of the rules above will be broken by a player he may be removed from the tournament no matter at what stage he is, please respect these rules.
    Rok Match
    Rok Levels
    Health - TRUE
    Weapons Remain - TRUE
    Enemies Drop Weapons - TRUE
    All Charecters Same - FALSE
    Frag Limit - 20
    Time Limit - 0
    Point Limit - 0
    The players will fight only one round, according to the rules described above, they may fight a warm-up round.
    The results will be reported to me and i will post them here and in the Active List.
    The players should Screen Shot the battle.
    (Players chose from this list)

    First Level (First Lottery)
    Winner vs Loser Result
    Bomberm@n[BMFs] vs super nova 20 - 8
    <Proto-Type>*U* vs MPG (WsC) 20 - 14 screen
    Feel*PK* vs Mcgyver<s.w.e> 20 - 12 screen
    [LL]RogueKiller vs godfather *SF* score lost, but Rogue won.
    Willow(NBK) vs CrAzYKiller*U* 20 - 7
    (RoH)The Man vs ICE ICE B@BY99 20 - 7 screen
    T-Virus *U* vs M@COUT[BMFs] 20 - 10
    (RoH)Celtic S. vs Nookie *U* 20 - 17
    Pharao*SF* vs [LL]Prim@Gen 20 - 16 screen

    First Level (Second Lottery)
    Winner vs Loser Result
    Chikatilo(NBK) vs jooman <s.w.e> 20 - 14 screen
    {WsC}Snake vs Beast 20 - 6 screen
    Pam vs MiG*PK* 20 - 2
    {WsC}REDX 111 vs [LL]ASUS 20 - 15 screen
    Crying Freeman vs Lola 20 - 19 screen
    Fei *U* vs CrashBurn*RD* 20 - 1
    HYBO(swe)*PK* vs (RoH) HaDeS 20 - 2 screen
    Man that was weird ! HaDeS didn't play Turok2 for about 3 months, i guess he should have practice before going into that match ! Man !!!
    Niko *PK* vs SaVaGe DTC *NL* 20 - 3 screen
    {WsC}THE FOX vs FaStMAN<s.w.e> score lost, but fox won.
    [LL] AENIMA vs {WsC}stalin 15 - 10 screen
    {WsC}STIFF vs Wombat *U* 20 - 12 screen
    Citizen X *U* vs (RoH)Afterm@th 5 - 1
    (RoH)Afterm@th left after it was 5 - 1 for Citizen X *U*, pings were under 200 and he just said "i had enough, i won't play like this" .... ?
    [LL] GisKarD vs Ultimatend*Ronin* 17 - 9 screen

    Second Level
    Winner vs Loser Result
    [LL] AENIMA vs {WsC}The Fox 20 - 19 screen
    (RoH)Celtic S. vs {WsC}Snake 20 - 17
    CryingFreeman*U* vs Fei *U* score lost, but Freeman won.
    HYBO(swe)*PK* vs Willow(NBK) 20 - 11 screen
    Citizen X *U* vs {WsC}STIFF screen
    Ok this match requiers a bit of explanation. First - STIFF didn't get 3 frags and Citizen X didn't get 1 frag so the score is actually - 16 - 7 for Citizen X But - When Citizen reached 18 frags, STIFF said "ok you won, im leaving" and disconnected. So thats it, Citizen won fairly and I did count both of their lost frags.
    [LL]RogueKiller vs Feel *PK* 20 - 1 screen
    <Proto-Type>*U* vs Pharao *SF* 20 - 9
    [LL] GisKarD vs Chikatilo(NBK) 20 - 9 screen
    {WsC}REDX 111 vs Pam 20 - 15 screen
    Pam got 3 missing frags and RedX 111 got 2 missing frags, they were all counted and added to the final score
    Niko *PK* vs (RoH)The Man no fight, both removed.

    Third Level
    Winner vs Loser Result
    [LL] AENIMA vs (RoH)Celtic S. 20 - 7 screen
    HYBO(swe)*PK* vs {WsC}REDX 111 20 - 13 screen
    Hybo's Explanation : {WsC}RedXIII was the host, so he set the setting a bit wrong, fraglimmit was only 15, but coz of lag i had lost 2 frags in the game, so the real score now was 17 to Hybo and 13 to RedXIII, we decided to play up to 20 in the next game, Hybo had 3 left, RedXIII had 7 left, the next score under this text.
    Citizen X *U* vs [LL]RogueKiller score lost, but citizen X won.
    <Proto-Type>*U* vs (iB) GisKarD [DeF1] Biivis hosted a dedicated server for us on cables. After a long argument we decided on playing in Harbor-5. We both joined, I had a ping of 745 and he had a ping of 340, during that game, every frag i got he had to say something like "bullshit" "this sucks" "total lag" .After the score was 3 - 0 to me he said he had lag and he 'hit me three times', i believed him and told him that we should both reconnect and see if its any good. This time Ultimatend was watching, we both had a good ping as before. When the score was 3 - 2 to me he claimed he hit me 3 times but Ultimatend was there to correct him, Ultimatend had the lowest ping by the way. The exact thing happened when it was 5 - 4 to me. Again when we reached 6 - 5 to me he repeated saying he hit me directly and Ultimatend told him he was wrong. Ultimatend was in no way in my favor, he was totally cool and ownest as he is always. GisKarD kept cursing and saying that all of this is bullshit so i told him this is the best we can get, than he quit the game for the second time. I am sorry but this is the reason he is removed from the Tournament.
    CryingFreeman*U* got removed..

    Fourth Level - Semi Finals
    Winner vs Loser Result
    Citizen X vs [LL] AENIMA score lost, but Citizen X won.
    <Proto-Type>*U* vs HYBO(swe)*PK* score lost, but Prototype won.

    Fifth Level - The Finals
    Winner vs Loser Result
    Citizen X vs <Proto-Type>*U* 20 - 8 screen